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T he Programmatic Communication Platform (PCP), an alliance of eight Civil Society Organizations from Kenya {SUSWATCH Kenya, Community Rehabilitation and Environmental Protection Programme (CREPP), Umande Trust, OSIENALA – Friends of Lake Victoria}, Uganda {Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development}, Tanzania {Tanzania Traditional Energy and Development Organization}, Mozambique {LIVANINGO} and Denmark {SustainableEnergy} have been collaborating with like-minded organizations, engaging communities, duty bearers and rights holders to engage policy makers on climate change action.

This issue of the Voices for Climate Newsletter, is the first production of the PCP highlighting environmental effects of climate change, best practices in climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation, policy influencing and calls to action. The Platform therefore invites you to the terrain of discoveries, especially in Taking Climate Change Action. This issue highlights various cases of unique scenarios of how communities are coping with the vagaries of climate change and adapting to new ways of keeping alive amidst the challenges of climate change.

The rich experiences and applications of technologies and innovations are in themselves learning for our readers whose situations may resonate with those of communities adapting to climate change as a result of the shrinking forests in Magude District in Mozambique and diminishing wetlands of Manguo Swamp in Kenya. Also read the mitigation plans of a community in Awoja – Soroti Uganda that is using water use innovations in farming for climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation through isolated mini-grid systems in Tanzania and creating resilience to climate change through using biogas as a way of protecting trees.


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